The Void Heart

Hey, it’s been few days since I lost my sister in an car accident. We both were coming back from Nainital, the car was in full speed and the loud beats of Cold play were thumping our hearts through our ears. Her favourite track was driving her crazy, I asked her to slow down but she gave a sleek expression of “it’s okay;relax”. In the next moment, I saw our car trembling over the highway, and the last thing I remember was her face covered up in blood.
Sometimes it feels like why only her?  Why not me or not both of us. In that few minutes, my whole life took a different turn that I was not aware of. Now here I’m dealing with pain in my collar bone and in my left leg. You must be wondering why I didn’t mentioned my heart? I didn’t beacuse I can’t feel my heart anymore. It feels like “void”. No pain, no emotion, nothing;just an empty beating organ which is keeping my body alive.
I started off this short story, so that you guys can connect with it. Sometimes in life, everything feels right and sometimes even the right thing seems wrong. We fall apart and everything seems completely blank and distorted;even our heart. We can’t find what to do or whom to trust? We feel a deep crack in our heart.
So what’s next? Just sit there and think. I won’t suggest that. According to me, the best thing you can do at this time is to let that crack be inside you, let it open your soul so that the light of reality can enter there. This is the only way that can heal you from inside. Acceptance is the tool that will help you overcome that “emptyness” inside you and the bright light will make you glow from inside. I won’t say that it’s the matter of few days; No it’s not. It may and will take time, all you need to do is have faith in yourself and you will feel that drumps of your heart again.

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